Making history: First flight flown by female African American pilots at Alaska Airlines

Posted on May 15, 2018

On Mother’s Day, Alaska Airlines celebrated a first – Los Angeles–based Captain Tara Wright and First Officer Mallory Cave were the first two female African American pilots to fly together in Alaska Airlines history.

With Mallory and I both being pilots at the LA base, it was just a matter of time before we would be scheduled to fly together and that happy day landed on May 13,” Wright said. “When I was assigned the trip with Mallory, I immediately knew the importance of it.”

Wright and Cave wanted to document the important day in company history. Wright posted it on her Facebook page and it’s been shared by Alaska Airlines and more than 18,000 others. Media outlets have also picked up the story.

“I thought about all of the women, all of the African-American women who had paved the way for me. I thought about Alaska and how fantastic it was that our airline had given us the opportunity to achieve this milestone,” said Wright. “I thought about my family and I thought about all the young African American women who would watch the video and be inspired to do something that few others have done – to join us in a career that can be the most fulfilling and satisfying.”

Female pilots and especially female African-American pilots, make up a tiny minority at commercial airlines. Pilots Tara Wright and Mallory Cove are role models for women who aspire to fly.

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